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“Make the Pain Stop” When Children Consider Suicide

"Make the Pain Stop" When Children Consider Suicide Young children and suicidal ideas The title to this blog post is probably startling to most readers. But perhaps more startling is the documented frequency of suicidality in pre-adolescent children. According to one study (Dilillo et al., 2015), in pre-adolescents suicide occurs at a rate of .5 to [...]

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3 Key Parenting Tips when Children See Horrific Events on TV

3 Key Parenting Tips when Children See Horrific Events on TV This blog was jointly written by “The Older Dad,” Dr. Kevin D. Arnold, and by Ms. Theresa Gaser, MSSA, LISW-S of Trinity Family Counseling, Westerville, Ohio According to the VA, children who are exposed to higher amounts of TV coverage of a disaster develop more stressful [...]

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Merry Stressmas, Mom and Dad

Many parents with small children have mixed emotions about the holiday season. On the one hand, the excitement we felt in our own childhood emerges as we watch our children get ready for the festivities and to receive their gifts. On the other hand, we experience stress as a result of busy schedules and the responsibility of meeting our [...]

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