Holly Brumm graduated from The Ohio State University with her master’s degree in Social Work in 2012. She received a 4.0 from the program. While attending The Ohio State University, she completed an internship at Amethyst Inc. and The Buckeye Ranch. At The Buckeye Ranch, Holly gained experience in intensive home-based mental health counseling with children and adolescents aged 8-17 years old. Due to her exceptional skill shown during her internship, Holly was hired on as a full-time employee in June 2012.

Holly’s professional experience consists of three years of intensive family home-based counseling. These children were affected by psychological, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders. Holly served as both a systems collaborator as well as an advocate for many of these families. Due to the severity of the issues of each case, Holly collaborated with school staff, physicians, court staff, and Franklin County Children Services to provide the best care for these families. She will continue to use this experience to advocate for children by attending IEP meetings as needed for her clients.

In addition, she developed very strong brief crisis management skills and learned to keep children that suffer from mental illnesses safe in their homes. Due to many of these children experiencing trauma in their early years, Holly’s ability to establish trust and engage with these families is a true strength. Her experience includes individual, family, and group counseling. She enjoys empowering parents by giving them tools to help their child. These include effective behavioral strategies to deal with various behavior management concerns (ADHD symptoms, aggression, and oppositional defiant disorder) and anxiety/stress management. She also has experience working with depression in teens and is capable of utilizing different coping skills to manage this. In addition, she has experience working with younger children and addressing concerns surrounding attachment and executive functioning skills.